Set of Four early Victorian shooting scenes, with Duck, Pheasant, Quail and Snipe

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Amazing set of 4 Shooting scenes from the early part of the 19th century. Samuel J. E. Jones painted principally hunting, shooting and fishing scenes, and appeared to paint them mainly between 1820-49, some other subject matters were also tackled later in his life, but he is known for these renditions primarily. The paintings capture the outdoor life of the typical 'well-to-do' Georgian/Victorian gentleman perfectly, the rural life and pursuits of the leisured classes, with their dogs chasing out the prey for their masters, or the companionship of their friends on a fishing expedition were all his subjects. Little is known of this artist's life, beyond his enthusiasm for the English countryside and way of life.

The set re all framed in their original frames and are in general good to excellent condition. One of the set has had a small amount of restoration in the sky but the other three re all in perfect order. They have been recently cleaned and re-varnished in the UK.

This set is the only known group by Jones this size to be on the market anywhere in the world. They are museum quality and rarity.

The black mark of the reverse relates to them having been sold at Christie's in London in 1898

Reference Number: 2087