Victorian Village life - £3,500.00

Joseph Thors
Classic English rural village scene by one of England's best loved painters.

  • Dimensions:
    H 71.09cm x W 96.48cm
    H 28" x W 38"
  • Reference Number: 2070

Artist - Joseph Thors

Joseph Thors was a landscape painter who lived in London but also painted in the Midlands, where he is regarded as a member of the Birmingham School. His landscapes are mainly rustic cottages, figures and animals, painted in a style similar to that of the Norwich School.

Naturalistic landscape painting was the fundamental aim of both the Norwich and Birmingham Schools. Thors was quite prodigious in his output.

Thors was a draughtsman of peaceful little spots of nature, with their little hidden homesteads and winding paths, which he represents, in a refined and contemplative mood.

Joseph Thors exhibited at the Royal Academy, British Institution and Suffolk Street between 1863 and 1900.


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