Scottish Highlands Landscape with dogs and Pony - £24,500.00

W, Fawcett A.K.A Robert Cleminson.

English sporting painter from the late 19th century. Cleminson was best known for his sporting and animal scenes, often in Scotland.
This is an outstanding example of one such piece. 'The Days Bag'
English setters with a pony awaiting the return of the Gillie after a long days shooting on the Moors or Highlands of Scotland.
The piece has been cleaned and re-framed in the UK and is in excellent condition.

  • Dimensions:
    H 152.34cm x W 126.95cm
    H 60" x W 50"
  • Reference Number: 2098

Artist - Robert Cleminsen

English sporting painter from the late 19th century. He worked in England and Scotland and was famous for his highland Scottish sporting scenes.
This is a fine example of the artist work being a very strong and impressive scene of the "Monarch of the Glen"


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