John Nost Sartorius

John Nost Sartorius was the son and pupil of the sporting painter Francis Sartorius, (1734-1804) whose style is very similar to his own. A prolific painter of every aspect of the country life and rural sports, Sartorius has left us with an evocative record of the sporting life of the late Georgian era. Like his father (and, to a degree, his own son John Francis Sartorius) he was itinerant, and his paintings are to be find in very many country houses the length and breadth of England. He painted many sporting scenes for clients whom he met at the Newmarket races, and his clientele numbered many of the most famous aristocratic sportsmen of his age: Lords Derby, Foley, Kingston, the breeders and trainers Christopher Wilson and Sir Charles Bunbury, and grandest of all, The Prince of Wales. His paintings are as popular today as they were in his own lifetime.