Maude Goodman

The painter Maude Goodman was born in Manchester, left motherless after a few days, and reared by her father and a kindly stepmother, who recognized and encouraged her artistic talents. Her father would not agree to her going either to the Royal Academy Schools or abroad to Paris, but she was eventually allowed to go to the South Kensington Schools, where she had at least some instruction from Edward J Poynter.

In a reversal of the usual course of events, she remained obscure until her marriage in 1882 to Arthur Scanes - she retained her maiden name for her paintings. In that year, she exhibited her first mother-and-baby picture at the Royal Academy (You Darling), and in the following year, she had 6 pictures at the Royal Academy. It was from about then that she began to settle in to the pictures of mother-and-baby, children and idealized domestic harmony which made her famous. Among her bet known works, still to be found as prints and engravings, are Hush, or Watching the Tournament, Un Chant d'Amour, Me Loves 'Oo, And Lived Happily Ever After, When the Heart is Young, and Want to See the Wheels Go Round.
This is a very rare original oil painting by the artist and is museum quality.