William Dommersen

William Raymond Dommersen was a painter of genre and landscapes in and around Scotland and Northern England. His works are widely exhibited throughout the European and North American continents and are on show at many galleries worldwide.
The work of William Raymond Dommersen is now well known and acknowledged and cannot be said to be under estimated. The family originally came from Utrecht, Holland and their name was Dommershuizen, which in fact it still is as it has never been changed by deed poll. They only anglicised their name to Dommersen as a matter of convenience when they settled in England towards the end of the 19th Century.
William travelled quite extensively in Europe on painting expeditions with his father
P.C. Dommersen. No doubt they influenced each other's techniques - there is a marked similarity in style.
Dommersen's paintings have been much admired over a period of time and it is evident that he is now firmly established in the history of architectural painting.