Southern Italy costline

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Guido Odierna
Born in Italy 13thNovember 1913. Guido lived and worked in Capri, Italy.  With over forty years of artistic activity, more than thirty five personal exhibitions in Rome, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Biella, Vercelli, Catania, Trieste, etc.  He was a pupil of Michael Federico, the great seascape painter.  On his palette he has caught and interpreted Capri with her fierce rocks and translucent sea, the mountains of Piemonte starkly rising into the blue sky, the golden glow of Rome, the mother of pearl hues of Venice.
Forty years of activity in the art world, over 35 personal exhibitions, a poetic painter, a life filled with experiences, Odierna was born in Southern Italy one of the principal subjects of his paintings, not of course Italy of the tourists but a place where nature, although small in dimension, offers a variety of mood.
Following in the footsteps of his teacher the great seascape painter Michele Federico, Odierna, like a good islander, loved the sea.  This great love is shown in his seascapes where the waters take on their own personalities, the waters of Italy:  Trieste, Chioggia, Venice, a kaleidoscope of impressions and sensations, expressed with inspiration and great technique.
Odierna loved art, from ancient to contemporary, in its variety of style and tendencies, but on the understanding that it is really art, and not a spluttering of lines and colours, just a way to fill a canvas.
Odierna loved walking, and he was passionately fond of animals.  His days were characterized by long early morning walks with his two dogs.
This explains the underlying inspiration of the artist, his affinity with nature, his choice of companions whose gaze, rustling movements, or silence, is the language of understanding.

  • Width 69 cm / 27 "
  • Depth 86.5 cm / 34 14"