Scottish Impressionist beach scene

REF: 2303

Joseph Henderson

Gouache on paper

Whistler frame

Circa 1900

Scottish Impressionist or late Victorian style, Children playing in a landscape/beach scene.

While holidaying in Saltcoats around 1871, Joseph Henderson met William McTaggart, who heartily encouraged him to paint landscapes. Henderson had formerly painted figurative genre scenes but was so inspired by the Saltcoats coast, and by McTaggart's example, that he subsequently became a painter of seascapes. His work from this period is characterized by free brushwork and a clear, light palette. They incorporate figurative components (usually holiday-makers or fishermen), but these are treated pragmatically and integrated within the scenery so that the landscape remains of primary importance. It is perhaps for this reason that Henderson's seascapes evade sentimentality. His ability to capture an airy coastal atmosphere, from the roiling dynamism of waves to a salty breeze, is particularly of note, as evidenced by these outstanding examples.

This is framed in its original Whistler-style frame and is an exceptional example of his work.

  • Height 45.7 cm / 18 "
  • Width 66.01 cm / 26 "