Impressionist still life of Pink, Red and White flowers in an interior.

REF: 2359

Well painted and very interesting French or Belgium still life of flowers.

Signed and inscribed, Jane Herbo, 1906, Ste Louise! / á Marraine.

The piece is very decorative and impactful due to the use of a well-balanced composition and use of a limited color palette, even the canvas size makes the piece more striking looking.

Their is an inscription on the reverse, with a faint stamp for Ateliers Mommen of Brussels,

The Ateliers Mommen was founded in 1853 and developed into an important gathering spot for artists of the 19th century up through today.

From the Estate of the late Ruth J. Hope, DeBordieu Colony, Georgetown, South Carolina

  • Height 91 cm / 36"
  • Width 86 cm / 34"