Two Spitfire fighter planes flying over the English countryside

REF: 2114


Roland Wong

This is an exceptional rendition of the most famous fighter plane in the world. Made famous for helping to save Britain during the second world war.

Ronald's name needs little introduction to the crew of air bases in Western Europe and the United States, for whom his characteristic aviation artwork has been a familiar presence and inspiration for many years. His original training in Britain was in biochemistry, and it was only after years of service in the British Health Service that he decided to divert to a career in painting, in particular his childhood love, aircraft. He developed his own style as a self-taught artist, combining technical accuracy and realism with imagination, color, and atmosphere to produce the kind of work which does justice to these marvelous machines and the men and women who operate and fly them.

He is a Fellow of the Guild of Aviation Artists in the UK, where he has won numerous prizes over the years, as well as a member of the American Society of Aviation Artists and the Canadian Association of Aviation Artists. He continues to work independently, unattached to promotional galleries or commercial publishers, preferring instead to preserve his freedom to work from the source i.e. directly with the aircrew who are the inspiration behind so many of his works. Aside from the hundreds of paintings he has achieved over the years which hang all over the world, some of which may be viewed on this website, he has to date published more than 220 editions of lithographic prints. Apart from aviation, his artistic interests range widely from motoring and marine art to portraiture, animals, and landscapes. He lives in the ancient city of St Albans in Hertfordshire with his family.

This is not only an amazing rendition of the two planes but also a wonderful aerial landscape piece.

  • Height 66.01 cm / 26 "
  • Width 83.79 cm / 33 "