Ertude, 20th century Pencil abstract drawing

REF: 2201


Outstanding pencil on paper Abstract drawing, Ertude.

Marcel Dumont was a Liège artist who painted in oils and gouache, also produced collages and was an illustrator and engraver, doing so in a number of different styles. Early on in his career, he tended to produce paintings displaying a poetic realism but this changed over time until, in 1957, he was employing geometric abstraction and later still, the influence of pop art could be discerned. His geometric style has strong linear structure which occasionally veers to expressionism and the effect of this is an interesting sense of detachment that the viewer of the work can feel and one engages with the subject on a different level than one would normally expect. A critic wrote of him," Sometimes expressionist, sometimes linear, the abstraction forms itself willingly, in Marcel Dumont's world, to leave the rectangular structure to connect to carefully prepared tones. He retains also, in his abundant output, a few poetic pop-art collages together with a number of drawings and engravings illustrating Stefan Zweig and Les Aventures du Roi Pausole. Apart from the aforementioned Zweig, Dumont also illustrated works by Pierre Louys. He won the Prix Art Jeune in 1946 and was a co-founder of the artistic group "Nord 7" Works by him are held in the museum collections at Le Cabinet des Estampes in Brussels and in La Musée de Liège

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  • Height 48.24 cm / 19 "
  • Width 43.16 cm / 17 "