Homage to Léger, collage scene with Nantucket interest.

REF: 2102


Claude Howard Stuart is an artist working in Europe and America.

Watercolor, ink ,acrylic and and even cold wax and oil are the many different mediums that Claude uses on his varied and exciting works.

His influences come from all the different places and experiences he has had throughout his life, as well as the varied different art styles he's studied.

Having lived in many different places around the world the styles of art, architecture, traditions and religions have all played into the art he makes..

He studies a period of art and then works with antique, vintage and original pieces to build his collage pictures making each one a unique study of a period, city or style.

Claude works on his pieces to bring together a feeling of the period and art movement that is inspiring him.

Sometimes Matisse and Picasso and other times old master drawings and abstracts.

These set of collage flags are built using antique paper with ink and watercolor on top.

  • Height 60.94 cm / 24 "
  • Width 60.94 cm / 24 "